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Donation of Medical Supplies

Government does not have the funds to supply health clinics with equipment and sufficient medication.

Karimu provides medical supplies to the Dareda Kati Dispensary and the midwives on a regular basis to complement what is received from the government. To ensure our donations are being properly used, we review the records of the Dareda Kati Dispensary on a monthly basis to learn about the number of consultations in the month, the most common illnesses, and how the medicine is being prescribed by the local doctor. This analysis has also enabled us to identify shortcomings in the clinic which we then address through training during Karimu’s yearly volunteer trip.

This program started in 2010.

In 2017, the Dareda Kati Clinic received a blood pressure machine, a fetal doppler and material such urine pregnancy tests, syringes, gauzes and gloves. Doctors donated medicines, including antifungals, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretics and antibiotics.

In 2018, the maternity clinic received digital blood pressure machines, pulse oximeter devices, digital thermometers and material such as steristrips, scalpels, tweezers, nitrile gloves, catheters, tourniquets and urine dipsticks for protein and glucose, among others. The clinic also received two donations of medicines each of which lasted about 2 months (the remaining of the year are provided by the government).

In 2019, the donations included pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, fetoscopes, ear gloves among other supplies to the Dareda Kati Clinic and the 2 other health centers. Arri-Tsaayo dispensary also received medicine and medical equipment. Finally, Dareda Kati Clinic received donations of medicines, including antifungals, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretics and antibiotics.

In 2020, Dareda Kati Clinic received a large donation of medicine that should cover the clinic operations for approximately 3 months.

In January 2021, Dareda Kati Clinic received the donation of a blood pressure cuff and gloves for cleaning. Both Dareda Kati and Gajal clinics received medicine including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, vitamins, antipyretics and antibiotics that should last approximately 4 months. In March 2021, Arri-Tsaayo dispensary received the donation of medicines including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, vitamins, antipyretics, antibiotics and antiparasitic that should last approximately 3 months.

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