• Education
Completed On:
Feb 2022
Start Date:
Sep 2021

Donation of a solar panel and computer to Dohom Secondary

Congratulations on an outstanding performance on the national exams

All secondary schools received funds from the government in 2021 to buy copy machines. The copy machines enable the teachers to replicate study materials and tests for the students. In particular, taking practice tests for the national exam is important as a student’s score will determine whether he or she can continue their education into high school.

2022-02-08 Dohom Sec Solar Panel cropped and small.jpg

Solar panel installed at Dohom Secondary

However, Dohom did not have electricity so the copier could not be used. Karimu installed a solar panel at the school to enable use of the copier.

Amazingly, Dohom students taking the national exam ALL PASSED the national exam in 2021. This is quite an accomplishment. Karimu celebrated and recognized this accomplishment by purchasing and installing a computer for the school. The computer will mostly be used for creating and printing exam papers. Most of the secondary teachers received computer training in college so they are able to use computers, however Karimu will also be offering our computer class to Dohom teachers in 2023 for any who need it.

2022-02-25_Dohom Computer small.jpg

Dohom teacher using the new computer

Benefits: * Better student performance * Better teacher support