• Education
Completed On:
Jun 2019
Start Date:
Mar 2019

Solar Panels at Gajal Primary School

Lack of electricity prevents teachers and staff from meeting and working after hours.

Lack of electricity is a major issue in most of rural Africa. Without electricity, schools cannot power basic electric equipment or lights. In 2017, Karimu installed solar panels for lighting at 4 of the 6 schools in Ayalagaya. In 2019 we completed such installation by addressing the needs of Gajal Primary School.

The installation of solar panels at the school provides energy to light classrooms and the outside surroundings, increasing work hours and school safety. Additionally, it allowed teachers to recharge their mobile phones. This may sound small, but it is not. Today, most teachers have to walk one hour to find a place where they can recharge their mobile phones. This represents 2 hours of lost productivity every couple of days!

Expected benefits:

  • Improved school performance

    • as teachers and staff will be able to meet and work after hours

    • due to increase productivity of the teachers

  • Safer surroundings due to outside lighting


In Gajal, we installed solar panels reusing the solar panels that used to be in the old clinic. The cost of the project was $65.32 - basically the cost of labor.

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