• Health
Completed On:
Feb 2022
Start Date:
Sep 2021

Second Building to Expand the Dareda Kati Dispensary into a Health Center

Our current major health goal is to provide access to a health center for all Ayalagaya ward residents within a 30 minute taxi ride. The current dispensary offers a very limited set of healthcare services including dispensing medication, family planning, maternity visits and delivery for 2nd children or later, vaccinations, diagnosis and treatment of common ailments… A health center has substantially more services than the current dispensary including the ability to treat acute injuries like broken bones, use x rays or other equipment for proper diagnosis, deliver a mother’s first child, perform minor surgeries, etc. The first building we constructed is the maternity ward. The 2nd is this outpatient building. The completion of these two buildings will allow us to already expand healthcare services. The government (who assigns and pays the medical staff) has promised additional staff and equipment to be assigned in early 2022 as we gear up towards the full range of health center services as construction continues. This facility will not only support Ayalagaya ward residents, but also residents in neighboring wards totaling up to 50,000 people!

20220113 Dareda Kati Health Center layout featuring outpatient and overnight wards.jpg

Current construction on the health center are the adjoining outpatient and overnight wards (in blue). The outpatient building is the one closest to the currently completed construction (in green)

20210721-Dareda Kati Outpatient-Edited-Cropped.jpg

The detailed layout of the outpatient building and the corridor that will connect it to the overnight building

We did not ask the community to contribute to the cost of this project as we asked so much of them in 2021, however, thousands of community members showed up anyway to dig the foundation (see banner photo above)! They completed in 3 hours what we would have paid dozens of workers to do over 3 days.

2021-08-28 Foundations dug by the community 02.jpg

Foundations dug by the community in 3 hours.

Here you can see construction progress overtime:

2021-11-09 - Health - DK Health Center - outpatient ward clinical building - Truss preparation - 04.jpg

Walls are up.

2021-11-17 - Health - Dareda Kati Health Center - outpatient building - Plastering outside walls 01.jpg

Plastering complete.

2021-12-28 - Health - DK - DK Health Center - outpatient ward clinical building - Fixing of aluminium windows - 03 small.jpg

Exterior painted and windows installed.

2022-02-05-Health-DK Outpatient building-external view of the building-02-sm.jpg

Here is the final building.

2022-02-05-Health-DK Outpatient building-internal view of the building-03-small.jpg

An interior view.

Expected Benefits:

  • Expands medical services to 50,000 residents in Ayalagaya and neighboring wards

Estimated Cost:

  • Karimu cost -$68,317.90

  • Community contribution - $172.86