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Completed On:
May 2020
Start Date:
Apr 2020

Small Improvements for Dareda Kati Clinic

Three volunteer doctors visited the Dareda Kati Clinic in June 2019 and assessed the facilities, suggesting small improvements to enhance the services provided by the medical staff. The suggestions were based on observations made by the doctors during consultation with patients and meetings with the medical staff and the secretary of health.

One of their main concerns is to reduce the risks of spreading diseases among the patients. This includes the creation of a sterilization room with the installation of an autoclave and the screening of visitors to the clinic and separation of the waiting area to isolate patients with contagious diseases, since these can be spread through the air and from direct or indirect contact with another person. To improve the hygiene practices of both patients and medical staff, additional hand washing facilities were installed inside the clinic (for doctors and nurses) and outside (for arriving patients).
6.10 Project 2020 - Small improvements for DK clinic - Autoclave 02.jpeg

A second concern was related to the low temperature of the rooms dealing with small babies. The doctors recommended the installation of a wall mounted heater in the labor and post-natal areas to increase the temperature of the areas to a level more comfortable to newly born babies.
6.10 Project 2020 - Small improvements for DK clinic - Heater.jpg

Finally, the doctors recommended the donation of a TV to show educational videos about hygiene and health to improve the overall knowledge of the patients visiting the clinic.

The small improvements for the Dareda Kati Clinic clinic were detailed by the volunteer doctors and incorporated in the draft of a health program for Karimu. The program was reviewed with the secretary of health who fully embraced Karimu’s plans. It also displays expansion plans for the clinic and necessary changes to turn it into a Health Center (a mini-hospital that offers additional medical services, including overnight for the patients). A lot of planning will be needed and significant fundraising will be needed before we can move forward with such expansion plans.

This project included

  • Separation of waiting area to isolate patients with contagious diseases

  • Installation of handwashing facilities

  • Donation of an autoclave

  • Installation of a wall-mounted heater in the labor and post-natal areas

  • Donation of TV to show educational videos to all patients

Expected benefits:

  • Lower risk of spreading infectious diseases

  • Reduction of diseases due to preventive care measures

Cost: The total cost of the project was $1,374.04 and it was fully funded by Karimu.

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