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Completed On:
Jul 2019
Start Date:
Jun 2019
Doctors volunteered and paid for all their expenses

Patient Consultation and Training of Medical Staff

Thanks to Karimu’s good relationship with the secretary of health, during the 2019 volunteer trip 3 volunteer doctors were allowed to consult. They visited the Dareda Kati Clinic, which was built in 2016 by Karimu, and two other health centers in Arri and Gidas. The Dareda Kati Clinic provides outpatient services, reproductive and child health services (including family planning, immunization, prenatal services, labour and delivery), basic laboratory services and care and treatment for AIDS/HIV.

During the consultations the doctors attended over 150 patients, using these opportunities to train the medical staff. The training of the medical staff focused on best practices, aiming at providing clinical guidelines for the most common syndromes or diseases, including guidance on reducing unnecessary antibiotic use. They also had the opportunity to observe the main processes of the clinic, such as treatment and monitoring of patients, hygiene practices, patient record system, referral system, basic laboratory services and medicine storage and control. Finally, they had meetings with the staff to evaluate the primary needs of the Dareda Kati Clinic regarding supplies and installations.

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Based on their observations, the volunteer doctors drafted a health program for Karimu. It details necessary improvements for the current dispensary, expansion plans, and necessary changes to turn the Dareda Kati Clinic into a Health Center, which will be able to offer additional medical services, including overnight for the patients.


  • Improved services at the Dareda Kati Clinic

  • More efficient medical procedures and processes

  • Well-trained medical staff

  • Motivated workforce

Cost: Doctors volunteered and paid for all their expenses.IMG_6337.jpg

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