• Education
Completed On:
Aug 2023
Start Date:
Apr 2023

New Classrooms for Haysam - Block 2

Help children learn


Wind and rain blow through the windows in the old school buildings at Haysam Primary. Those classrooms are dark and from the back of the room children can barely see the writing on the blackboard. 


In contrast, the classrooms that Karimu has built at Haysam have roofs that don’t leak, windows with glass that keep out the rain, concrete floors that can be cleaned, and painted walls with cheerful, age-appropriate learning images. The attached office gives teachers an adequate environment to meet with one another or with students, prepare for their classes, and grade homework.


To date Karimu has completed 3 projects at Haysam Primary: 


Despite their challenges the students and teachers are performing very well. 

  • Student attendance is over 93% and teacher attendance is 96%.

  • 88% passed the national exam last year (almost 3x the national average).

  • Bathroom supplies (soap, menstrual pads for girls, bucket and brush for cleaning have been available 100% of the time.

  • Hygiene training has been completed every year.

  • All students are receiving daily meals.

  • Maintenance incidents had an average time to fix of 49 days (a bit over our target, but still acceptable). 


This project encompasses construction of a new classroom block comprising

  • 3 classrooms

  • 1 teachers office

Here is the site plan with the new building shown in blue.

There are currently 442 students enrolled in Haysam Primary. Haysam has already met the student/teacher ratio target (they are currently at 30), but they are only at 147 students per good classroom against our target of 45.  With anticipated enrollment growth we expect to build 4 classroom blocks on site. 


For this project the community will contribute Tsh 6,290,000 or 8.1% of the total project cost as follows: 

  • Dig the foundation =Tsh 400,000

  • Provide 50 bags of cement at Tsh 18,000 per bag = Tsh 900,000

  • Provide bricks for the construction 20,900@100 = Tsh 2,090,000

  • Pay cash = Tsh 2,900,000


The new classroom block was completed in August. The beautiful rust colored exterior reflects the earth and the bright yellow interiors reflect the light. Fully functioning door and windows allow for fresh air flow and protection from the elements when needed. The building is fully accessible with wheelchair ramps included.


External views above. Below left a classroom and below right an office.



Expected benefits:

  • Better learning environment

  • Higher attendance rates

  • Improved academic performance in the national exams

  • Increased school enrollment

  • Increase in secondary school enrollment




  • Karimu: $32,276.14

  • Community: $2,697.86