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Completed On:
Jan 2022
Start Date:
Feb 2021

Resources for Primary and Secondary Schools

Creating safe, efficient and effective learning environments for teachers and students is yet another challenge rural schools in Tanzania face. In response, Karimu has been building classrooms, bathrooms and teachers’ houses, dramatically upgrading the infrastructure of the communities’ schools. Karimu recognizes that buildings are only part of the solution. Adequate textbooks, desks, play equipment and library books are also essential to students’ academic success. Across Ayalagaya ward, an average of 5.6 students must share a textbook! Students are crammed into the bench seating, many times not having sufficient space to write at their desks. As the second pillar of our Educational Plan , Karimu and the community have committed to addressing this shortfall together. In 2020, Karimu was able to purchase textbooks , reducing the student to book ratio to 2:1 in primary school and 1:1 in secondary school. Much needed school furniture was built by community members with materials funded by Karimu. Teacher and student desks, chairs, shelves, storage cupboards and cork boards have been provided to every classroom as well as teacher offices and workrooms.
2021 Furniture construction collage.jpg

Desks being built for Ayalagaya schools and delivered to Haysam Primary

2021-04-17 Furniture for all Ayalagaya Schools - Delivered furniture for Gajal Primary School 18.jpg

New desks arrive at Gajal Primary

2021 Final Desks collage.jpg

Teachers’ office at Dareda Kati Primary and new desks in use at Bacho Primary

In addition to academics, school is a place to learn and practice social skills. Play is the primary teacher of these skills and Karimu provided balls, courts and nets to the schools so the children can play their favorite games- football, netball and volleyball among them.

Across all Ayalagaya schools, the following furniture was provided:
2021 Furniture summary for website.jpg


  • Better academic performance

  • Increased student attendance

  • Increased enrollment

  • Teacher recruitment and retention


  • Karimu: $36,614

  • Community: $11,671

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