• Health
Completed On:
Sep 2023
Start Date:
Apr 2023

Identify Malnutrition in Young Children

Arri ward


After running a broad health survey in Ayalagaya ward in 2021, we concluded that malnutrition in children up to 5 years old is not prevalent. We want to understand if this is also the case in Arri ward. Our focus for this malnutrition survey is the poorest of the poor households in Arri, which we've identified combining several criteria.


Before running a broad health survey in the Arri ward, if there are any childhood malnutrition cases there, we want to identify them fast and treat those cases ASAP, without having to wait for the long cycle of a large health survey. Additionally if we can verify that there are no or minimal malnutrition cases, we can cut that section from the larger health survey making the survey process simpler. 


Update September 2023: As expected we found very few cases of malnutrition (less than 4% in the poorest households). The survey prioritized the 70 poorest households in the ward and there were 101 children 5 and younger. Thus the only actions planned for malnutrition in the ward are as follows: 

  • Review our maternal education content to assess if there is enough information on general nutrition,  recognizing malnutrition and obesity, and what to do.

  • Reviewing the protocols in all clinics for identification and treatment of malnutrition and obesity in young children. These are typically in line with the World Health Organization.

We also confirmed that vaccination rates are high (over 90%) in Arri ward and no further actions are required.


Update November 2023: After reviewing the maternal education and clinic protocols on malnutrition, we have confirmed that the material and protocols are sufficient.



  • Ensure that any cases of malnutrition in young children in Arri ward are promptly identified and treated. 



  • Karimu cost: $50