• Health
Completed On:
May 2022
Start Date:
Mar 2022

Public Health Education at Tsaayo Dispensary

TV enables health videos to be shown to waiting patients


Karimu has been curating public health videos to support health interventions and educate the public in general about improving health. However, playing the videos requires a TV, ample electricity to support medical needs (e.g. refrigeration of medicines, sterilization equipment,...) plus the TV, and a secure location for the TV so that it is not stolen nor broken due to bad weather.

A TV was donated and the electrical evaluation concluded that there was ample electricity to support the TV at the clinic. However, the Tsaayo dispensary does not have a large indoor waiting area. Most people wait outdoors. So a solution was needed to secure

the TV. The Karimu and medical staff have come up with a design for a TV on a cart that can be rolled out and in.


A Tsaayo doctor stands by the TV on the new cart.
Patients watch the educational videos while waiting at Tsaayo Dispensary

Expected benefits:


  • Improvement in community health 

  • Better understanding of disease prevention


Cost: $483.77