• Health
Completed On:
Jan 2023
Start Date:
Nov 2022

Exchange Student Housing in Babati

A Karimu Social Fund Project


The health secretary of Babati district signed an exchange program with the Medical School of Denmark.  In this program, medical students finishing their studies come to Babati to stay for a few months and work at the district health centers and hospitals.  The government of Denmark covers all expenses to send the students to Tanzania and the government of Babati is responsible for providing housing for the students.  


There was an old house owned by the government in Babati that can accommodate up to 16 people.  It is very spacious with a large living area, kitchen, bathroom, electricity, and running water.  However, it was very old and needed repair and renovation: broken windows, doors that were not closing, needing paint, etc.  This renovation was not included in the Babati 2023 budget. With the first group of students arriving in February 2023, they asked Karimu to sponsor the renovation.  We agreed under the condition that this house would be used only to host students.  



  • Provides comfortable accommodations for visiting students

  • Provides information exchange and learning between western student and local medical staff



  • Karimu cost: $4,865.36 

  • Community cost and/or contribution: Empty house