• Health
Completed On:
Nov 2021
Start Date:
Nov 2021

Provide electricity to Managha Dispensary

Donation of a solar panel


The solar panel at the Managha dispensary in Arri failed. This was an urgent situation as dispensaries provide all the vaccinations and the vast majority of vaccines require refrigeration.


Vaccines in Managha refrigerator



The other dispensaries in the ward all still have working solar panels or are connected to a town electrical service. In addition to vaccine refrigeration, electricity also enables use of the recently provided hemoglobin meters for testing anemia during pregnancy, lighting to provide services after hours, an autoclave for sanitation, a wall mounted heater in the labor and post-natal areas, etc.

Lights at night allow treatment after hours



  • Ability to store vaccines and provide vaccinations

  • Ability to test for anemia during pregnancy

  • Ability to provide after hours emergency service


Cost: $2173.91