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Completed On:
May 2022
Start Date:
Nov 2021

Ayalagaya Physics and Biology Labs


A comprehensive high school for Ayalagaya and the surrounding communities is almost a reality! Over the last few years, Karimu has completed many of the required construction phases for the high school  including: the building of the hostel, dining hall, the remodeling of classrooms,  and the building of new classrooms. With these projects, Ayalagaya has transformed into a model of excellence. When you walk on campus, you can feel the pride that the parents, teachers and students have in their school.This pride has translated into great success.  Over the past two years,  Ayalagaya Secondary School has had  a 100% passing rate on the National Exam.  Students and teachers have worked tirelessly, many times teaching and studying seven days a week, in pursuit of this goal. The community is highly motivated and supportive of the students and teachers and are excited to see their  success continue as the high school is completed and opened. 


Our next phase towards this end  is the completion of the physics and biology labs. Science labs in rural Tanzania are rare and students’ interest in science diminishes as they progress through secondary education. With these labs, the government will designate the high school as a Math/Science high school, and will offer students science and math academic tracks and specialized courses in the sciences.  These labs offer students the rare opportunity to enhance mastery of science concepts, develop scientific reasoning abilities and to learn and practice the skills of scientific experimentation. These labs have the potential to cultivate greater interest in , and understanding of, the field of science. 


This building construction also includes one additional classroom.

The completed exterior and interior in progress



The buildings are completed and ready for use this June!!

These are interior views of 2 of the 3 classrooms


The left side shows the courtyard exterior view and the right side the back view with the new water tower and tank to assure water is available.

Karimu Cost: $84,132.71




  • Expanded educational opportunities for the students of Ayalagaya and surrounding communities.