• Education
Completed On:
Feb 2021
Start Date:
Nov 2020

Construction of 3 classrooms and 1 teachers office for Gajal Primary School

Volunteers were appalled by the classrooms with cracked walls and dirt floor.

Dark, dirty classrooms do more than make for a bad first impression for volunteers. They affect student achievement and teacher morale. Children can hardly see what the teachers write on the faded blackboards. Windows without glass allow heavy wind and rain to come in. Wind in combination with humidity may trigger, among others, respiratory diseases that keep kids away from school. Plus the classrooms are overcrowded averaging 67 students per classroom.
6.13 - Projec 2021 - Classrooms for Gajal - Old classroom.jpg

Modern, new facilities help children stay healthy and perform better in school. Karimu will build 3 additional classrooms, increasing the capacity of Gajal Primary School to host more students. Large windows with glass will increase the natural lighting in class. One teachers’ office will be located in the building, so that teachers will also have an adequate environment to meet with one another or with students, prepare for their classes and grade homework.

In 2019 Karimu built new bathrooms at Gajal , and boys, girls and school staff have now access to flush toilets with water for cleaning and handwashing. Children are receiving lunch at school, so they can concentrate better. Both measures had a direct positive impact on the overall health of students. The creation of an adequate learning environment at Gajal Primary School will boost the academic performance of 999 students, increasing their chances of a better future.

Our overall goal is to have enough classrooms to accommodate 45 students per teacher per classroom. This project represents just the first phase of the renovation. We anticipate that we will need to build ~ 18 classrooms at Gajal depending on how enrollment goes (the plan shows additional buildings in case of unexpected growth).
6.13 - Project 2021 - Classrooms for Gajal - 2020 plan-1.jpg

This project encompasses

  • Construction of 3 classrooms

  • Construction of 1 teachers’ office
    6.13 - Project 2021 - Classrooms for Gajal - Intext.jpg

Expected benefits:

  • Better learning environment

  • Higher attendance rates

  • Improved academic performance in the national exams

  • Increased school enrollment

  • Increase in secondary school enrollment

Cost: $26,814
The community is providing $811 worth of bricks and $1942 in cash.

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