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    Your donation will help Karimu fight poverty in order to enhance the well-being of rural villages in the developing world.

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    Join Us as a Volunteer

    Join us on one of our annual visits to Tanzania (including three breathtaking days of safari after our departure from Dareda Kati).

    Over 200 volunteers from many countries in the world have participated in this life changing experience. Our volunteers come to realize that a Karimu trip is not a one-time charity trip. They return to Dareda Kati because they have made good friends and they want to continue partnering in the meaningful work that Karimu does with the villagers.

    The volunteer trips are coordinated by Inspire Worldwide – UK-based institution specialized in managing and running trips on the ground. They are experts in safety, logistics, and risk management. They are experts in safety, logistics, and risk management. Besides paying for their own flights, volunteers pay a flat fee to cover all their expenses in Tanzania, which includes a.o. in-country airport transfers; in-country orientation training; all food camp; accommodation; all safari activities, accommodation and food; all in-country transport including 24-hour emergency vehicle support; fully trained Inspire leaders with the team 24 hours; local guides and translators. The volunteers are hosted at the Integrated Agricultural Training Center e, which provides a safe and clean environment for their meals and overnight stay.

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